Resource Circulation Business

What is the Envipro group's resource circulation business?

Global resource consumption is increasing due to the explosive growth of the global population and the development of developing countries. Endless consumption of resources causes resource depletion and large volume of waste materials, as well as environmental issues such as the outflow of plastics into the ocean, that has become a serious issue currently. Therefore, there is concern that the endless consumption of resources will impair the sustainability of society.
The Enviopro group promotes the resource circulation business as our key business to achieve our mission statement that is “contribute to create a sustainable society.”
We offer new value to society, engaging in the effective utilization of limited resources, waste reduction, and the production of recycled raw materials from waste, by promoting the reuse, recycling, and remanufacturing of materials that were disposed of as waste.

The Envipro Group circular economy model

The circular economy aims to provide another value for materials that were once discarded.
Our group’s Resource Circulation Business offers social value to consumers by giving them the opportunity to choose eco-friendly products. It creates new resource value for disused primary materials. Therefore, our group believes that we can play a crucial role in the circular economy, performing the function of an engine for resource circulation.
Focusing on the reuse, recycling and remanufacturing of materials, we will promote the finest technologies for resource circulation across supply chains, and the development of collaboration systems of forward and reverse logistics through partnerships with manufacturers. Through these engagements, we will grow into a company that is truly appreciated in a society which is experiencing a transition to the circular economy.

The Envipro Group circular economy model

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