Remanufacturing (re-production)

Remanufacturing (re-production)

The ENVIPRO group promotes and actively invests in the “Remanufacturing Business” which aims to manufacture recycled raw materials out of waste and scrap by taking recycling technologies to the next level.
Manufacturing of recycled resin pellets from waste plastic, and manufacturing of rubber chips from waste rubber tires.
To become a manufacturer of recycled raw materials for products, we must maintain product quality, fabricate prototypes, ensure a stable product supply, guarantee delivery schedules, and others. We need to have totally different viewpoints in order to develop technologies and business know-how from the recycling businesses. We are now taking up these new challenges.


ASR Resin material recovery

Automobile Shredder Residue (ASR), the last remaining shredder dust in the automobile recycling process, is used as a raw material for solid fuel and cement, but currently, most ASR is incinerated or put into landfills due to problems such as the acceptance capacity of the recipients.
ASR contains a lot of plastics, and we believe that recycling these waste plastics has great social significance from the perspective of the recovery of ASR and the promotion of the recycling of waste plastic materials.
The Group is not limited to manufacturing recycled resin pellets from waste plastics. It is also continuing to research and study the material recycling of plastics from ASR.

Manufacturing of rubber chips from waste rubber

Toyo Rubber Chip Co., Ltd. procures waste tires and offcuts of industrial rubber products as precious starting materials for recycling to make black rubber mulch for recycling. Currently, we procure 5,700 tons of waste rubber materials annually, and manufacture rubber chips, rubber powders, and other recycled raw materials, as well as final products such as rubber panels for pedestrians.
Rubber chips are mainly used for elastic pavement and cushioning of artificial turf, contributing to the "safety" of people. Rubber powders, which are finer than rubber chips, are used as the raw material for automobile brake linings and as a filler for tires.

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