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Time when we are in need, we inevitably meet people whom we need, and find the things that we need.
We will continue to challenge ourselves to become a company that is strongly needed by society.

The world has begun rapidly moving in unison toward the achievement of a decarbonized society by 2050. In response to this trend, many large companies have started specific initiatives for decarbonized management.
These efforts are beginning to go beyond the companies concerned to reach throughout the supply chain, from suppliers to the final destinations of waste.
This, together with movements toward a circular economy, has begun to require that the recycling industry have requirements of the manufacturing industry regarding decarbonized production processes.

Our company joined the RE100 in 2018, and in 2020 declared our commitment to be carbon neutral by 2050. We quickly undertook concrete initiatives toward these goals.
At present, about 95% of the electricity used in our plants (Scope 2) is from renewable energy sources.
As our CO₂ emissions from electricity account for about 65% of total emissions in the fiscal year ended June 2020, we expect to reduce CO₂ emissions by about 60%.

However, society has begun to demand a shift from a linear economy to a circular economy in order to further improve resource efficiency as well as reduce the load on the environment.
This means a shift from a situation where the general manufacturing industry and the recycling industry are clearly independent of each other, as they have been until now, to a situation where they are literally in a circle and there are no boundaries between them. That is, an era where the manufacturing industry encompasses the recycling industry.
In order for the recycling industry to respond to this trend, we must transform into a high-level manufacturing company.
We need to acquire capabilities on par with first-rate manufacturers, in what is called Q (quality), C (cost) and D (delivery).
This is a very high hurdle for our industry, but if we cannot achieve it, we would probably not even be allowed to exist in the future, so we are determined to tackle this transformation into the manufacturing industry.
We will then make full use of the low-carbon production process that we have been already establishing to produce low-carbon recycled raw materials and fuels.
In terms of technology, we will transform into a recycling company with a much higher level of technology than before by fully mastering physical sorting and introducing new chemical sorting technology.
Furthermore, we will strengthen our organizational sales capabilities based on our advanced technological capabilities and expertise and continue to train them.
In addition, we have a dynamic international distribution capability which we are constantly upgrading to strongly implement our business strategy in a wide range of areas.
I will work together with all of our employees to accomplish these challenges.
In order to do so, we need to develop our company into a disciplined group of autonomous individuals with emergent capabilities.
The place where we take on these challenges should be full of good quality energy where employees work energetically.
I will cherish the relationships with my employees, customers, and business partners that I have miraculously met in this era that seems to be only a moment in the history of time.
At the same time, I feel the greatest pleasure in taking on a role that contributes to a sustainable society together with many people with whom I have relationships.
I will continue to pray that through this challenge, each of us will find meaning in our work and that our lives will be filled with a sense of being helpful to someone other than ourselves.
With these thoughts in my heart, I believe in the destiny that I have assigned to myself, and I am determined to do my best honestly to achieve those goals.
Of course, I am enjoying the situation to the fullest.
"Ittou shougu Banto syokoku " Life is great anyway.

Hobby Working and visiting the family grave
Motto SAIZENKAN (That's why it is good, no matter what happens.)
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    Tomikazu Sano

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