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Medium-Term Management Plan

Medium-Term Management Plan

We have disclosed our "Sustainability Strategy", a five-year medium-term management plan to simultaneously achieve sustainable development for society and the group.
We will promote a variety of businesses that take advantage of business opportunities to solve problems toward the realization of a "decarbonized society," a "circular economy society," and a "distributed society."

Medium-Term Management Plan-Sustainability Strategy

Corporate Philosophy
"Creative Company" "Circular Company" "Company Pursuing Virtue"
The key values of the Envipro group, and its corporate DNA (no timeline)
~Contribute to Crerate a Sustainable Society~
The Envipro group’s significance in the world,
and its purpose and aspirations on a defined timeline
(the 30 years until 2050)
The corporate value that Envipro group seeks
To become a company that has a valued role in society by increasing economic value, environmental value,
and social value and strengthening governance to sustain them.
In addition, to build a platform filled with good quality energy where all employees work energetically toward this goal.
Strategy Concept
To take on the challenge of solving problems to realize a decarbonized society, a circular economy society,
and a distributed society as business opportunities.
Business Concept
Realization of specific cases to achieve a circular economy
Organizational Image
A disciplined group of autonomous individuals with emergent abilities

Specific Initiatives to Achieve Our Strategy

For the promotion of the business strategy

Realization of Decarbonized Society by 2050

Transformation into a manufacturer of materials obtained from aboveground resources through low-carbon processes (QCDC)
To achieve levels of Q (quality), C (cost), and D (delivery time)
that are comparable to a first-class manufacturing company.
Moreover, to create a manufacturing process featuring an added factor, C (carbon neutrality).
Declaration that 100% of energy used will be renewable by 2050 (Participation in the RE100)

Performance targets

June/2022 (actual)

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